Our second installment takes us to SACtown as the visiting Timberwolves are laying an egg….

We pick the game up with 9 minutes left in the 4th…..The score Kings 80-69.

High scoring affair I know.

Kevin Garnett dunks a ball on the break and just destroys his Left Hamstring as he was fouled and no whistle on the break. He hung on the rim a bit to long and came down as awkward as I felt when I learned Doogie Howser was gay (he is convincing as hell as a player in How I Met Your Mother).

Kings up 11 and Ron Artest looks unstoppable when he wants to be.

The reason you don’t care about this game #1……The leading scorer is Mike James.

“Little hippity hop to the Barber Shop and the Barber Shop was closed”- Sac Announcer on a Mike Bibby travel.

The reason you don’t care about this game #2…..Marco Jaric looks like a Chechnyan Rebel (yes I looked that up in wikipedia and I spelled it right the first time. What’s up JMU education!)

91-73 Kings

I’m not kidding when I say this….Minnesota looks like the worst team in basketball tonight. And yes, I’ve seen the Knicks play.

Minnesota’s Lineup: KG, M. Jaric, Troy Hudson, Randy Foye, and Craig Smith….yes Craig Smith from BC.

93-75 Kings…..1:46 left.

The reason you don’t care about this game #3……I watched it and you didn’t.

93-81 Kings.