Okay….here it is….approximately 6 hours of work (including the 2nd round which I will post later). As crappy as this draft is it was by far the most fun to Mock Draft. Players like Alexander Johnson could go anywhere from 20th to not drafted at all. I think this is a testament to the new “Age” rule being in play in the NBA. This is the “swing year” before the real players with upside, the highschoolers, are back in play. I have a sense, and you can see it in the picks, that most teams will favor seniors because next year will be stacked with young players with upside. Check out the list….tear it apart….it will most likely be changed 20 times before the 7pm start at MSG. (More comments and analysis throughout the day)

1. Toronto- Andrea Bargnani- SF (Italy)
2. Chicago- Tyrus Thomas- PF (Louisiana State)
3. Charlotte- Brandon Roy- SG (Washington)
4. Portland- Adam Morrison- SF (Gonzaga)
5. Atlanta- Shelden Williams- PF/C (Duke)
6. Minnesota- Rudy Gay- SF (UConn)
7. Boston- Randy Foye- PG (Villanova)
8. Houston- LaMarcus Aldrige- PF (Texas)
9. Golden State- Rodney Carney- SF (Memphis)
10. Seattle- Cedric Simmons- PF (North Carolina State)
11. Orlando- JJ Redick- SG (Duke)
12. New Orleans- Patrick O’Bryant- C (Bradley)
13. Phildadelphia- Marcus Williams- PG (UConn)
14. Utah- Shannon Brown- SG
15. New Orleans- Ronnie Brewer-SG (Alabama)
16. Chicago- Shawne Williams- SF (Memphis)
17. Indiana- Jordan Farmar- PG (UCLA)
18. Washington- Rajon Rondo- PG (Kentucky)
19. Sacramento- Sergio Rodriquez- PG (Spain)
20. New York- Saer Sene- C (Senegal)
21. Phoenix- Kyle Lowry- PG (Villanova)
22. New Jersey- Mardy Collins- PG/SG (Temple)
23. New Jersey- Hilton Armstrong- C (UConn)
24. Memphis- Patrick Johnson- PF (Florida State)
25. Cleveland- Thabo Sefolosha- SG/SF (Switzerland)
26. LA Lakers- Maurice Ager- SG (Michigan State)
27. Phoenix- Oleksiy Pecherov- F (Ukraine)
28. Dallas- Kevin Pittsnogle- PF (West Virginia)
29. New York- Quincy Douby PG/SG (Rutgers)
30. Portland- Joel Freeland- PF (England)