So I told you before that the wheels were coming off this thing about Week 8 during the NE/Minn game followed by a boring game of Oakland/Seattle. Well I had no idea how right I would be and how ridiculously bad it would get. I just couldn’t bring myself to live-blog last night. There was no point really, but I sat through most of it anyway.

Loverboy himself (complete with leather jacket and camo pants?!?!) picked up the helmet to start this suckfest, and from the get-go it just reeked. First words uttered by Mike Tirico….

“One of the greatest atmospheres in all of sport”- MT

I’m sorry….I know Qwest Field is loud as hell, but is it really one of the greatest atmospheres in all of sport? If anyone out there is from Seattle correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the city just start caring about football again in the past few years? Maybe saying something like “One of the loudest stadiums in the NFL” would work, but in all of sport? That’s a stretch.

On a side note…..Can someone tell me where Suzy is every other week?

Tony K. was on his A-Game last night as well…….

““Get the Ark and start loading the animals””- TK

So you’re telling me it’s raining???? Couldn’t tell by all the fans soaking their asses off in the stands.

Then we have The Boz…..I have nothing to say.

The Tony Awards???? Come on.

Then we have Christian F’ing Slater?!?!?!?! Why……seriously…..why? The ass knew nothing about football.

“Looks like they a’re a hair shy””- MT
“Juuuust a hair shy””- CS
““Ho Ho look at that kick.””- CS
“Is this your first time at a game?””- TK to CS

“So Christian are you a football fan?”- MT
“I have a lot of friends who are football fans.”- CS

“I’m going to have to give a shout out sometime tonight”- CS
“Well just go ahead and do it.”- JT

What the ____?!?!?! I can’t even begin to put that abomination into words. At least Tony got a shot in, so that was good.

Side note: I think I ultimately hate conflict and embarassment. Like on reality shows I can never watch the fights….they just make me uncomfortable for some reason. Well, watching MNF try to make jokes and fill time during a boring game gives me that same feeling. I just cringe and change it to the Clippers/Trail Blazers game.

Buuuuut, I turn it back just in time to see Mikey Wilbon in the booth. And you know what? He is really good, so good in fact that I couldenvisioninvision a booth of Tirico, Wilbon, and Tony K. Joe didn’t fit in while the others had a great chemistry going for half of the 4th quarter. Tony needs Wilbon to play off of….Joey T. just doesn’t give him that.

I’d sign off on that team, but ESPN isn’t that savvy. And this is just going to end badly during the Jets/Miami game Christmas night. Do you know why? Because there is not a Bowl Game, an NBA game, or a College Basketball game on that night. I won’t be able to change the channel….I’ll just be able to stare blankly at my new wallpaper……


Worldwide Reader said… Didn’t catch more than 5 minutes of this atrocity last night – but I thought I heard Theesman say something to the effect of: “You can tell how good a quarterback is by watching his feet.” God, I hate that man.

I missed that, but that’s about the 50th time he’s tried to use that reference.

Chip Wesley said…Theismann during pregame: JT: “(Seneca Wallace) gets his first start at home tonight and will play in front of a home crowd.” Really? That’s good, it sucks when your first start at home is in front of the opponent’s crowd.

Too funny.

jason said…i’m from seattle, and will say that even before qwest opened, the kingdome was always one of the loudest venues & seahawks fans have always shown up for the games. i’d dial the hyperbole back a little & say it’s one of the best atmospheres in the NFL. the mariners, and to a degree the sonics, have fairweather fans, but that hasn’t been as big a problem with the seahawks.

in (slight) defense of tony’s ‘ark’ comment, we received a record amount of rain on monday. there was massive flooding throughout the state.

Okay…I can agree with the Seattle part. But not the Tony part….I knew about the rain and it still wasn’t funny. Maybe his humor is wasted on someone my age?