First off, a ton of thanks to Stan from Gentrifried Rice. Stan has a permanent hall pass here at AA for doing a stellar job last night. (I personally liked the cheerleader occupation piece. Good stuff.)

Also, thanks for the comments last night readers. I’m updating my links sometime this week (hopefully), and you will have a permanent spot in my sidebar…..

Onto the game…..Okay that game wasn’t that bad, but it sucks when you buy 3rd Row seats to a MNF game (an opener) and your team loses. They could have won that game easily, but just like every other team in the NFL Week 1, they had no red-zone offense. Ah well it’s just a game, and I got to see TOMKAT FROM 10 FEET AWAY!!! (Seriously, Dan Snyder….Danny Boy….You have too much money.) Here are some pics……back later today or tomorrow with a Simmons Review (apparently he had the same link I did as well….hmmm. I’ll have to check the times on the posts.)

(90,000+ Flags Delivered to FedEx… was called the “Fedex Special Delivery”. Seriously, I’m not kidding about that.)

(This was during the Redskins’ introductions. Third Row isn’t always a good thing with 90,000+ American Flags. But hey, who am I to complain?)

(The Funky Four doing their thang. If you don’t know about the Funky Four….you betta axe somebody!)