So what’s weirder than actually having Jeff Gordon in the booth during the game? Giving him a Belgian waffle maker because his wife is from Belgium. Yep, Tony presented it to him in the booth. Just stupid.

As for the game itself….it wasn’t bad (announcing overall not the gameplay), but the problem lies in the games alone. Like I’ve said many times before….If you have a boring game it doesn’t make a difference what you do to jazz it up. Mike Tirico will always just be okay, Joe will try his hardest to be relevant but end up sounding idiotic, and Tony will clam up. That’s just the way it is, and will be.

Jeff Gordon wasn’t bad in the booth, but fans can smell cross-promotion a mile away. At least he knows what football is (unlike Christian Slater), and he has to have been the second best guest in my mind (Chuckie Barkley). The intro was okay as well (see below)….if you’re going to have it at least make it relevant (Umm, I guess the new Tenacious D movie is relevant).

With all of that said it just isn’t getting any better. Even a hardcore fan like myself couldn’t last through the end of this one…….I flipped it over to Adult Swim only part the way through the fourth and fell asleep. I honestly thought that these announcers would be hilarious to watch in these bad games (one way or another), but it’s really just dreadful. No excitement, crappy promotions, and stupid jokes. That’s not a winning formula.

Anywho, here are your announcing highlights….umm, highlighted by Mr. Relevance Joe Theismann:

“John Fox said they did a lot of scouting of themselves and found out that the players were going to have to make plays”- JT, Yeah……it was that kind of night.

“He’s unblockable when he sets his mind to it”- JT on Julius Peppers, Okay Joe…I’ll bite. Why doesn’t he set his mind to it every play then?

“And Tiki’s brother almost gets the interception there”- MT, Wait Ronde and Tiki are twins??? No F’ing way!!!

And your winner…….After Gradkowski overthrew Galloway early…..

“At least underthrow it so Galloway can Fair Catch it.”- JT

Wow……I’m at a loss for words. I pray that he meant something different, but he sounded like someone who had never watched football before. You know… Christian Slater.