Live-blogging away starting at around 8:00 (or when Berman first says something dumb). See you then and bring your always stellar commenting!

8:04- Suzy’s Back!!!!!!!!!!

“Here’s a guy that plays well and will play well tonight. 4tds and 1 int at home”- JT, Yeah Joe….Drew Bledsoe’s stats have nothing to do with the D he goes up against it’s where he plays.

8:16- T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O.

8:18- Giants actually have a gameplan to take T.O. off his game. It involves dropping a dump truck of pills at the 50 yard line. HEY YO!!!! I’ll be here all night.

8:28- Berman picks the Giants while the rest pick the ‘Boys…..I’d begin to explain he’s reasoning but I’d Implode

LT on the Intros…..”The intensity, the press, the prayers, and the strippers”….something like that. JET!!!!! Nice current song ESPN.

Who’s picking up the helmet…………..SAM “Mutha Fuckin” JACKSON!!!! Now we’re talkin’!!!!

8:35- “So many stories…..Tom Couglin going up against he’s mentor Parcells.”- Tirico, yeah that’s what I care about.

“The devil comes in many forms……?????” – TK, as he references Devils Advocate?!?!?!?! Keanu would be proud.

“Sometimes in good faith the devil will deliver before he takes your soul”

Three words…..OVER THE TOP.

8:39- Over/Under on the number of Tony’s Players playing that are on his Fantasy Team…..3. Taking bets now.

When you come back a big name in the star at Texas Stadium……my guess: Garth Brooks.

8:41- Oh it’s just Hank Williams…..whopedy frickin doo!!

Haha….and he doesn’t even sing. They go right to the commercial. Too funny.

8:42- And we’re under way……..

Giants Ball….intro duty to: Tiki Barber- Offense (boring), Bradie James- Defense (boring)

Manning to Plaxico!!!!! Using the official for a pick…..

Dance! Dance! Whooooo Fall Out Boy and Football……love ESPN!

7-0 Giants…..that was quick.

the not so awful girlfriend said…she took the deal! 185,000…

Yep my GF is checking up on me….that’s always good. And she’s officially the Awful Girlfriend. I’ll have shirts soon for all the ladies on the site.

8:49- Julius on the intros for the ‘Boys Offense…..Someone is nicknamed “Big Penguin”

“Is there any recourse for running into the official”- TK, Are you f’ing kidding me? Who the hell doesn’t know that? Are they tapping into the Desperate Housewife market.

Strahan on the D Intros…..good job.

Bledsoe sack #1…….and a jumpshot.

……Giants D looks good. T.O.’s getting pissed already.

“You don’t have many plays in your playbook that will get you 15 yards.”- JT, You don’t?!?!?! Seriously? So that Eli to Plax 50 yard pass is the only one above 15 yards in the playbook? Just checking.

8:58- Tiki Barber is crushed out of bounds by Watkins, and he gets up and pats him on the head while P. Wat yaps away. That’s a classy back.

Tom Coughlin is challenging whether Elisha’s arm was going forward or not……

“That’s definitely a fumble arm never went forward”- JT
“His arm was going forward”- JT

JT is going to make a great politician someday.

Also……karl said…
ok Theismann (pronounced Theesmann)opening statements Tiki Barbie…and then 3 minutes later he calls Mike Tirico “John”.

Too funny.

Joey says it’s a fumble again because “The empty palm rule you have to have an empty palm”….Thanks Joseph.

And Joey is of course wrong. “There is confusion on how to identify a forward pass.”- JT, Is there? Maybe your the only one confused.

“The empty hand rule not the empty nest rule”- TK, thanks for chiming in Tony….really gripping funny stuff.

9:08- Barber on why it will be his last season…..He think the Giants will win the Super Bowl….I think no.

There were about 27 uses of the word pounding in that interview.

Giants Punt……”Both of these guys who had problems last year against this defense are having problems again.”- JT, Which f’ing guys Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:18- Joe blames The Statue’s early problems all on the offensive line. Just like a good QB does.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..the RB screen is the best play in football. No, not the faggy WR screen that the Redskins use.

“Makes you wonder why the Redskins didn’t play him for two years.”- TK on Arrington, You were a writer for the F’ing Post!!!!!!!!!! Shut the hell up.

9:22- Joe predicts a run, and of course it’s a pass. “Why do you throw an 11 yard pass when you need 20? It’s because you don’t have enough time for the receivers to get down field”- JT, I thought it was because you didn’t have any plays over 15 yards Joe?????

Oh forgot to say the Giants got a safety……9-0, it’s credited to Lavar Arrington, but I’d disagree. Why? Because I can.

and T.O. is already bitching….

9:27- Elisha is looking good early….doesn’t look good for the ‘Boys early. He hits Plax again on a gorgeous throw.

Matt Weinert tells us that Matt Hasslebeck and Big Ben are hurt……we’ve known this for two days now….thanks.

Huge 3rd down pickup as the Dallas Defense looked plain stupid. The LB turned around to change the play and Eli flipped it back and hiked it quick. Heads up play.

9:31- Tirico talks about how Tiki is a better back not only because he stopped fumbling the ball but he became a stronger runner. Joe then explains he’s a stonger runner because he carries the ball higher on his arm……jesus Joe is in rare form tonight.

“TD, Safety, FG equals Twelve”- MT, thanks Mike….

12-0 Giants.

Holy Shizzz…..get ready for Hank Williams in the booth when we come back!!!!

Okay Tony…’s your chance…..(this is when I pay zero attention to the game)

9:38- Fans chanting for Romo….

Antonio Pierce just crushes Sam Hurd!!!!

Osi sack!!!!! In the grass……they are making Drew their bitch.

Morton gives the G-Men huge field position…..where’s HANK!?!?!?!?!?!?

9:42- Hank’s Here!!!! Yes! “How bout it Mike”- HW

“You let Joe wear the hat you’ll have to get it disinfected at some point”- TK

“Did you think of bringing Pink into your video”- TK, Funny actually.

Terrance Newman with the Pick and an offensive pass interference……..on 3rd and 1???? Bad Call.

Too bad Bledsoe can’t do anything. More Boos……..

“Before we let you go Hank……”- TK, yes they finally got it right…..two questions and done.

9:47- I would never make fun of a player getting injured (even Lavar), but great signing Giants………Arrington off on the cart.

Now watch how much better the G’s defense gets…..It’s a given…..I promise you.

9:50- I have a dollar that Romo comes in at halftime, and Joe flips out.

T.O. gets another Offensive Pass Interference not called and flips out. Good for you Owens….one catch.

…..and the Cowboys run it…..great play calling.

“The deal with the devil the Cowboys made”- TK

“This is what happens when you give Drew the time to throw the Ball”- JT…….no this impending INT is Joe. Wait for it…………..

OH DAMN!!!! Owens got crushed!!!!!! Brandon Short! But it doesn’t faze T.O.

Oh another bad call on the pass interference on Owens……Bledsoe runs….TD! And apparently the fans are back on his side again. Great fans Dallas.

12-7 Giants.

And T.O. is still yappin’ in Bledsoe’s ear.

9:59- Tiki Fumbles!!!! And so ends the verbal felating of one Tiki Barber. Tiki hurt….his retirement come earlier than we thought…..looks like a concussion.

Can someone say Momentum?

10:02- I don’t care…..I put 4 guys on T.O. this series.

T.O. STILL! talking to Bledsoe during the measurement. Jesus christ, shut up for two seconds and let Drew think (listen to the play).

Osi Uyememereroaoara is hurt.

“You’ve lived in these NFC East games Joe, the hitting seems so much more live”- MT
(Dead Air)

Bledsoe Interception!!!!!!!!!!!! Told you to wait for it! Just the wrong drive.

10:08- Replay of the Int. looks like he had five feet in bounds.

“I don’t know how many foots you have to get in?”- JT, What!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Okay that was close to the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

10:11- “The call was fine the throw was horrible”- JT, Wow he actually blames one on the QB.

Make up your mind Joe………seriously. And by “seriously” I mean….shut the hell up.

10:23- Mike Tirico was just completely babbling for a good 10 seconds….I have no idea what he was trying to say.

Guys who walk aways from the game at the top of their game….Jim Brown, Barry Sanders. As much as it pains me to say this…..Robert Smith (from OSU)

Elisha throws directly to Bradie James and he drops it. Just run out the clock Giants…..

Halftime 12-7 Giants, as T.O. sprints into the locker room to throw a hissy fit. See you on the flipside.

ROMO! ROMO! ROMO! ROMO! Romo is starting the 2nd half……

Jerry Jones is on the field….I think an executive decision was made there.

Hahahahahaha Romo picked on a deflection!!!!!! Gotta love those Cowboys….Week 9 collapse coming in Washington….get ready!

10:33- Mikey Strahan is playing like a beast. Joe thinks Romo is in for the rest of the game.

TD Shockey!

19-7 Giants………ROMO! ROMO! ROMO!

WaistingCompanyTime6 said… theesman – “that was the straw…that…put him out of the ball game” I laughed out loud when he said that.

So did we all WCT6. So did we all.

10:38- “Dallas D comes in as the #1 ranked defense and the gave up 185 yards to Tiki Barber alone!”- Suzy Kolber

Hahahaha…..185! Nice Suzy….welcome back!

10:41- Tony Romo looks a little scared as he completes a lucky pass to T.O.

“Emmitt will join us later”- MT, YAY!!!!! JOY!!!!

“He has the ability and quickness to avoid the rush.”- JT
“That’s a play Bledsoe can’t make”- TK

Great point by Tony as Joe renigs on every statement he’s made about Bledsoe dating back to the preseason.

Just so I don’t seem TOO biased here…..Witten was interfered with on that play…..4th down….


T.O. drops a WIDE OPEN 4th down conversion!!!!!

Jay said… God! How much would we all love to see Romo just chewing Owens’ ass on the sideline. I would do it if I were him. I’d be following TO up and down the sideline yelling at him for dropping that

Yes I would pay for that…..

10:47- “We gotta ask Emmitt about Dancing with the Stars”- TK, No you don’t Tony.

Great throw by Manning on a third down “send the house” blitz…..first down.

“Are you pleased as a dancer”- TK

Shut up and talk about the game please……Tiki 8 yard run….no comment.

Mike Tirico acutually calls a play……first down to Shockey… no attention to the drive…..back to Emmitt.

Emmitt talks about Arizona….I don’t really care.

Amazing catch by Amani Toomer…… one says anything at all. Emmitt still talking.

“Amani Toomer gain of twelve. Very methodically drive that could be a punch to the gut of Dallas”- MT, Yep Mike……this drive could be the game. Let’s keep talking about Danicing with the Stars.

“What a drive here with Eli having three big completions”- MT, Thanks Mike…..Thanks for that recap.

“When Emmitt is done here I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on American Idol”- TK, Not Not Not Not Not Not Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut up. God you are annoying.

Thirteen play drive so far…..and Eli scrambles down to the goalline and close to a first down.

“If the Manning had a 4×100 relay they probably would be both in it”- TK…….WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th and inches………

“Coaches usually don’t have an idea what they want to do on third down. It looks like the Giants have an idea of the direction they want to go”- JT, YEAH…….TWO GODDAMN INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIANTS 26-7……

I’m losing my mind over here…..I can’t even keep up. Good god.

11:01- I seriously can almost not bear this crew anymore. Does everyone remember my predicition? Well we all better get used to it.

BLOW THE WHISTLE! BLOW THE WHISTLE!!!!- Tony Romo runs for his life.

Aww Lavar is out for the year. So sorry about your career.

Onto the 4th quarter………PUT YO 4’S UP

Wow the NBA is only a week away.

11:06- T.O. slips and falls on the turf and the ball is almost intercepted.

“If you’re tall your feet get out from the center of your body”- JT, What the hell are you talking about?!?!?!?!

Romo to Fasano and T.O. block no one…..

JT tries to compare the Cowboys small drive to the Bears comeback.

ROMO! ROMO! ROMO! to T.O.! T.O.! T.O!………TD Cowboys…..and Owens plays Tennis??????

What was that? Good job Cowboys…..let’s party like it’s 1999.

11:15- Tony is still rambling about Owens……we fucking get it. It’s only slammed down every sports fan’s throat every single week. Shut up. You’re not telling us anything new.

Some Dallas fan just “Raised the Roof”……come on……

Now all of a sudden Elisha is playing scared……not that I’m rooting for anyone….come on Giants!!!!!

11:22- Jerry Jones tells Michele “One L” Tafoya that it wasn’t about Owens dropping the ball”….riiiiiiiiight. And it’s not about Adam Archuleta sucking ass for the Skins.

3rd and 13……..Romo To………Jason Witten…..First Down.

Good throw.

“Cowboys seem to be more diversified with Romo”- TK
“Yes exactly. You have less people into block”- JT, Still think Bledsoe should be QB Joe?

Kiwanuuuuuuuuuuuuka! FROM?!?!?!?! BC. Interception. Giants Ball.

Dallas is now more confused about their QB situation than Eva Longoria is about Men to screw

11:29- RB screen to Tiki for a first down……..again, best play in football.

Matt Weinert again with the QB injuries!!!!!!!! WE HAVE THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!! All of us…..and we use it too. Crazy I know.

Tony brings up the Coughlin and Shockey thing about three weeks too late…..what Tony did you run out of Devil Comparisons to Owens? I haven’t heard Beelzebub yet.

Giants look to have the first, but there’s a bad spot.

Feely hits the FG……..29-15 Giants

I’m realing here, but I’m ready for the home stretch. I just can’t believe how bad this team is. Most teams get better but this MNF crew is regressing. Just awful.

10:39- BLOW THE WHISTLE! Romo will end this game with 4 ints if he keeps this up.

“Who’s your quarterback Joe”- TK
“I think you go with Tony Romo!”- JT

What?!?!?!?!?! All season you’ve said that Bledsoe should not be benched!!!!!!!!! You are an ass. Period.

Owens hit hard……good throw Romo!

“Spoken as a writer”- JT, to Tony K! Fight Fight!!!!!

11:42- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Kevin Dockery returns yet another Dallas pass at the goalline, but this time for a TD.

Good god…..get ready for the T.O. shit storm.

“If I was him I probably could have done better than that guy”- JT

Joe Theismann is so bad I can’t even think. He flip flops so much you can’t even keep up with it.

“He has to be thinking that I have to stick with this kid”- JT

I guarantee that Bledsoe starts against Carolina.

11:45- Remember what I said about the 4 Romo Ints???? Wait for it………..Wait for it…..


Romo to Patrick Crayton….WHOOO HOO! 36-21 GMen…..onside kick coming.

11:50- Onside recovered by the Giants…..

“I’m learning about what I don’t know about being a broadcaster. There are a lot of people that don’t know. Hopefully I can do it in a fun and accepting way.- Tiki

Oh wow! Watch how I contain this joy that Tiki is going to be a broadcaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:53- OH MY GOD! TIKI IS RETIRING!!!!! *******UPDATE********

Some 83 Redskins talk….ahh memories.

and that’s our game……..36-22, Giants are perfect in the Division (Tirico mistakenly says league)

I’m done for the night. That my friends, was the worst called game I’ve seen in quite some time. Words cannot even describe it. I’m out all day tomorrow, so read and then re-read this post. I’ll see you as we move back into baseball tomorrow.