I’m doing a pseudo live-blog tonight. Not the normal thing you’ll get from me, but I’ll post from time to time in this spot during the Ravens/Broncos game (you know….when Tony K gets on Joey T.) Post in the comments and join along.

Okay two things…..first, Tony K. there were a lot of sheep in Denver, but ESPN showed a Ram….good editing. And Joe described McNair’s game as a form of “Street Ball”. You’re a dirty racist Joe….I hate you.

8:42- The Liquor does you no good on kickoffs BJ Sams….

8:52-“Thank you for explaining hard counts….next can you explain offsides and the 2-point conversion.”- TK on JT ……and we’re off!

9:00- Matt Stover hits…..And……..

3-0 Bal-TI-more

Not to be a negative Nelly here….but this game is boring already.

9:06- First voice crack as TK complains about his Fantasy team…..Oh no Bill Simmons!!!! Go crazy!

For some reason Bart Scott is just introducing the Ravens D now. The first quarter is almost over.

9:11- Sorry Tony K…your Fantasy team is screwed. Plummer with the pick.

9:20- “The most successful QB he’s had is Trent Dilfer, and he left the team”- TK…actually he didn’t leave they forced him out.

9:30- “Denver’s offensive line has the least weight in the league. Well now they are playing a larger defense and the zone blocking just isn’t going to get their zone blocking going”- JT, You ass! They are the smallest in the league….how much to D-Tackles weigh? It’s almost guaranteed that someone will outweigh them. Now that every team in the league outweighs them how do they consistently put up 1,000 yard rushers? That’s why you’re an idiot.


9:33- “He woke up from a coma just in time to join us in the booth”- MT
“I hope we get to more coma questions right after this play”- TK
“I bet you do Tony.”- James Denton

9:36- They said they were coming back with James Denton but I think they kicked him out of the booth. Best move all night “Leader”…….oh shit, he’s still there!!!! “Rate the women in order 1 thru 5”- TK. This shit is just stupid….I’m sorry.

Primal Quest….James Denton is the voice? Some endurance contest. I expect to see a link on Deaspin tomorrow.

“My feelings aren’t hurt Tony….I realize you are long asleep at this hour”- James Denton
“Tony’s fantasy here…..James Denton in the booth”- Mike Tirico, Okay I don’t care who you are (even me) that’s fucking funny. Mike Tirico +5!

9:43- Tony! Tony! Question time:……Who is more at fault here if the Ravens lose tonight T.O. or A-Rod? Hahahaha great question.

Tony K….is really really quiet. Very quiet.

McNair gets hurt almost every single play….I just don’t understand how he stays in there. If there’s any game he gets knocked out it’s this one.

9:51- “From deep in the whole at shortstop.”- JT with the baseball references….keep them coming Joe.

They are hitting hard as hell in this game. I take it back…I’m into this game. (Betting helps. Trust me.)

Whoops forget to note a score….Denver got a FG it’s 3-3, but you have a TV and you already know that.

9:59- McNair goes to Clarence Moore?!?!?! on third down? PICKLE! C.Bailey. 1st of the year for the Broncos.

HALFTIME…..3-3. WHOOOOO HOOOOO! We got a barn burner here, and we’ve got Berman at halftime! Where the hell are you??

10:17- So someone decided to talk about the Baby Jesus in the comments. Go there please and check it out. I don’t care what the rest of you say in the comments tonight….this is #1 tomorrow. TRY AND BEAT THIS!!!! “A time to embrace and a time to turn away. A time to search and a time to lose. A time to keep and a time to throw away. A time to tear and a time to mend. A time to be quiet and a time to speak up. A time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace.”………What’s up now commenters!!!!!

10:28- getinthere69 said…its raining there.

Well someone’s checking out the live-blog, but I’m not so sure about that name, but they have the sentiment right.

10:34- I have to say this Brian Billick is the luckiest/suckiest coach ever in the history of the game. He had nothing to do with drafting that 2000 team, and has floundered ever since. F- him…should have been fired last year and he will when they don’t make the playoffs this year (write it down Ravens fans)

10:37- Melo is rooting for the Ravens. He’s opening a “Carmelo Anthony Youth Center” and I think that’s just wonderful. Baltimore needs more people like him stepping up…..AHEM* Ray Lewis…adding nine kids to the population doesn’t help.

10:41- 10:46 PM, WaistingCompanyTime6 said…’melo – “we’re playin a team from turkey tomorrow. I don’t much about them…”

And since the NBA has been doing SOOOOO WELL (WBRS)

10:45-10:47 PM, WaistingCompanyTime6 said… Theeesman -“3-3, this could be the score at the ACLS”

WCT6 could just do these for me, but he’s right. What the hell does that mean?

“I think this team needs a Ravens D needs a nickname the Baltimore Bullies”- JT, Stupid.
“What about the Denver D?”- TK, Good point.
“Really Really Good”- JT, Is that a nickname?
“How about the Big Bad Boys in Blue”- JT, Shut up!
“That’s too long for a nickname”-TK, Yes.
“Boys in Blue”- JT, I hate you.

End of the 3rd…..3-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you commenters?!?!?!?! The Baby Jesus is here where are you?

10:51- At 10:55 PM, Jay said…Seriously people, are you still watching this game? You do know that “Family Guy” is on TBS right?

Come on Jay….you just killed my last 3 readers. I hate you and your silly hat! (j/k I love you Jay….we could play Howdy Doody as the sun sets in the Weeeeeest!)

10:54- 10 yard punts rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:59- “Bart Scott from a hard area of Detroit…..lot of his friends killed”- MT, good seguy into Suzy Kolber…..

“How aggressive he is on gameday!!!”- Suzy……must be because of all of his friends being killed. I’d be pissed too personally.

11:06- BJ Sams slips in the endzone….perfect for MT to say, “BJ Sams is down in the endzone…arrested last week for his 2nd DUI in 14 months.” Now we at AA don’t condone drunk driving but we too have had a DUI (at 20 years old) but seriously you make a million dollars….take a frickin’ cab. (you too Chris Henry)

11:15- Minus that post about Brett Favre I hate Green Bay…….to let Javon Walker go like that was just retarded….he wasn’t asking for a lot at all.

Great! Great! Great! Audio on the John Lynch injury……I always wanted to know what it felt like to get a stinger….

“No No just lost the feeling in my left side by the neck”- Lynch
“Not the right side…just the left? Are you okay?”- Trainer
“Yeah just the left…..I’m fine”- Lynch

Fucking Badass. Period.

11:21- shakey-daisy said…where are you AA?

I think I have a stalker….I’m okay with that. I’m right here baby where are you???? Let me guess……somewhere 2,000 miles away.

11:23- HOLY SCHNIKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A TD!!!!!!!!!! I know all zero of you are excited but you’ll read this tomorrow and get stoked. That’s right stoked!!!!!!!!

13-3 Broncos!

“It’s not going to be decided by 3 points or fewer at this point”- TK, Seriously…Fuck you Tony ahead of time for jinxing me.

13-3 Broncos!…..Final……and to end our night a comment from the one and only Jay:

Jay said…

I just freaking knew this would happen. I knew better than to take B-More in this game. I’m pretty sure that Billick probably threw this game just to ruin my damn picks. I hate him. I hope he dies a slow, painful, torturous death.

But I’m not bitter though.

That sucks….should have went with AA. Winner on the under….winner on the Broncs. Good night all.