We will be live-blogging the MNF game this, and every Monday. Join me tonight for online drinks, comments, and tom foolery….but before you do make sure you know Joe Theeeeeesman’s keys to the game:


Will Roethlisberger play and can he be effective?

Until he’s comfortable behind the center, I’d revert the game plan to his rookie season when he wasn’t expected to do much but hand the ball off and make simple plays. Right, because he really airs it out there when he’s healthy (Pittsburgh was 24th in passing last season)

Stop Fred Taylor

The Steelers can’t get frustrated and abandon their schemes to try something exotic. They need to maintain discipline to be successful against Taylor. Exotic? Whoa Joe. Settle down now.

Use Trick Plays

Even if the play doesn’t work and results in a small loss of yards or an incomplete pass it’s worth it in the long run of this game. You mean like Jap plays? No disrespect to any orientals.


Hit the quarterback early and often

the Jaguars have to put the QB on his back as much as possible to force him to get rid of the ball hurriedly. That’s right…hurriedly.

Spread the ball around when passing

The Jaguars and Leftwich have done a great job of spreading the ball around and finding the open guy instead of concentrating on getting the ball into the hands of one receiver. That’s why Matt Jones has the most receiving yards, Reggie Williams has the most receptions and Ernest Wilford has the best yards per catch average. Hmm, good point actually. I’ll let you slide on this category Joseph.

Get Fred Taylor the ball

Taylor is healthy and when he’s healthy he’s amazing and the Jaguars should ride his greatness. Ride the greatness Jacksonville…..ride the greatness, or his brittle groin. Whichever way you say it….you must RIDE Fred Taylor. JAGUARS!…..mount up.

See you tonight! Don’t be late there will be a quiz afterwards.