I hope that the band Europe is stuck in your head for the rest of the day now…..

Today is the day when I officially become a Washington Nationals hater. I actually started out as one since I am an Orioles fan, but the team had grown on me. A lot of readers seemed to disagree with me on the “New” Stadium and even the Soriano trade, but I really think you are kidding yourself if you see this impending trade as a good thing.

I think the owners are a great thing for the team don’t get me wrong, but there are some outlining issues that I don’t think they are addressing:

1) Stan Kasten did a wonderful job with the Braves, but he was also the president for two or Atlanta teams that did not fair so well (Hawks/Predators). He became president of the Braves in 1986, so he had quite a bit of time to develop the minor league system.

Mr. Kasten- Your new stadium opens in a little over two years and a lineup of Ryan’s (Zimmerman and Church) isn’t going to bring the fans.

2) Look, I know that DC is excited about having a team in the area (I know I am), but you have to look at the teams that DC will be competing against in the coming years. The NL East is just going to get better now that the Mets are spending money out the ying-yang, and getting rid of your only attraction (Soriano) isn’t going to help you build the fanbase you will need IF the stadium opens on time in 2008. Below is a list of players that would have a larger or equal salary to the reported $12 million deal Soriano would be looking for:

Top MLB player salaries Player Position Team Salary:

1. Alex Rodriguez 3B Yankees $25,680,727

2. Derek Jeter SS Yankees $20,600,000

3. Jason Giambi 1B Yankees $20,428,571

4. Barry Bonds OF Giants $20,000,000

5. Jeff Bagwell 1B Astros $19,369,019

6. Mike Mussina P Yankees $19,000,000

7. Manny Ramirez OF Red Sox $18,279,238

8. Todd Helton 1B Rockies $16,600,000

9. Andy Pettitte P Astros $16,428,416

10. Magglio Ordonez OF Tigers $16,200,000

11. Randy Johnson P Yankees $15,661,427

12. Chan Ho Park P Padres $15,333,679

13. Pedro Martinez P Mets $14,875,000

14. Lance Berkman OF Astros $14,500,000

15. Mike Hampton P Braves $14,475,185

16. Jim Thome 1B White Sox $14,166,667

17. Bartolo Colon P Angels $14,000,000

(tie) Albert Pujols 1B Cardinals $14,000,000

19. Chipper Jones 3B Braves $13,666,667

20. Bobby Abreu OF Phillies $13,600,000

21. Carlos Beltran OF Mets $13,571,429

22. Carlos Delgado OF Mets $13,500,000

(tie) Vladimir Guerrero OF Angels $13,500,000

(tie) Andruw Jones OF Braves $13,500,000

25. Johnny Damon OF Yankees $13,000,000

(tie) Hideki Matsui OF Yankees $13,000,000

(tie) Curt Schilling P Red Sox $13,000,000

(tie) Richie Sexson 1B Mariners $13,000,000

29. Adrian Beltre 3B Mariners $12,900,000

30. Roy Halladay P Blue Jays $12,750,000

31. Ichiro Suzuki OF Mariners $12,530,000

32. Scott Rolen 3B Cardinals $12,456,336

33. Paul Konerko 1B White Sox $12,000,000

(tie) Jorge Posada C Yankees $12,000,000

(tie) Javier Vazquez P White Sox $12,000,000

(tie) Kerry Wood P Cubs $12,000,000

That’s 35 Players! One of them being Chan Ho Park (which is hilarious). It just makes zero sense to trade one of the top players in the league right now. I think a deal could be made with Soriano in the offseason, and if it isn’t you get two Draft Picks for him leaving through Free Agency. While that wouldn’t equal the talent you could probably get from teams at the deadline……you’ll at least be able to tell your fanbase that you care. Washington DC is a HUGE market…if Colorado can pay Todd Helton $16.6 million you can find a spot for Soriano. I promise you can.