So here’s what I learned last night: 1) Even though I lived in Pennsylvania for over a year I still had not heard of any of the cities Leather mentioned last night. 2) Deadspin fans in Pittsburgh are liars….no YWM,L sightings. 3) David Wright has a potty-mouth 4) “Pulling a Harold” was not what I originally thought it was. 5) The Homerun Derby is pretty boring without liquor and commenters who are much more funny than I will ever be……

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12. DCThrowback said… Might as well make it a troika from DC. Shouldn’t we just form our own kickball team and get it over with? This is only funny to the DCers, but it’s sooo true.

11. Alex said…Gary Thorne announcing the celebrity softball game makes me sad. Me too actually…he’s one of the good ones. He got screwed in the Hockey deal.

10. Auric said…I think berman just climaxed after howard’s shot over center. His signature Ohhhh! was in full effect last night.

9. BoSox Siobhan said…Ya know, I sort of hope D. Wright has a filthy mouth. It would offset his pretty face. Not sure how to take that comment….especially from a RedSox fan.

8. Goulet said…Why is Dan Uggla there? Good question. I looked deeper into this and here are the reserves for each league: AL- Mauer, Konerko, Thome, Cano, Jose Lopez, Glaus, Tejada, Michael Young, Dye, Matthews Jr., Ordonez, Ramirez, Rios, Sizemore, & Pierzynski NL- Berkman, Howard, Cabrera, Rolen, Reyes, Holliday, Eckstein, Freddy Sanchez???, A. Jones, Brian McCann???, Carlos Lee, Garciaparra. Reyes is the only one in the NL not playing, and his replacement was Eckstein. So that means Holliday, Freddy Sanchez, and Brian McCann were named to the team as original reserves. In the AL Cano, Ramirez, and Rios are out with Jose Lopez being the only replacement. Now I’m not telling anyone to bet or anything (because it’s illegal) but come on!

7. jordan said…Cabrera lets the ball come to him? Really? As opposed to running out and catching it halfway to home plate?

6. R U B E N S T E I N said…The super slo-mo is cool, but Big and Rich can lick my ball and ball.

5. Jamie said…McCarver makes me want to bang my head on the television like Zidane on Materrazi’s chest. Me too Jamie….me too. Wait until tonight.

4. stan said…I’m pretty sure harold reynolds called it the “Alligator River” first.
GettingBadPunsWright said… Whatever. It’s still Berman’s fault.
stan said…that’s totally fair. It’s always Berman’s fault…..always.

3. R U B E N S T E I N said…I am a heterosexual Mets fan. But I think I have a huuuge crush on David Wright.
Tom said…I’m a heterosexual Tigers fan, and I have a huge crush on David Wright.
Ahhh, D Wright is bridging the gap between fans of all teams and sexual orientation. What a breath of fresh air.

The Top Two were tough to decide, and I was going to award a tie, but this is America! (and a Ken Burns joke wins in my book)

2. red candypaint said…The Yankees just offered that black kid shagging balls in LF ten million over three. Now that’s just comedy.

1. Tom said…Wasn’t the House of David that barnstorming Jewish Baseball team? I could be totally off base on this one, but I think Ken Burns told me about that once. Too funny…I have no idea what Berman was referring to, but thanks to great research from Tom at the The Roscoe Report we see that….um, he doesn’t really know what he’s referring to either.

As always….if I missed anyone’s site post a comment and I’ll add it in later today. Thanks for your comments, and we’re doing it again tonight live from PNC

Until then….here’s your homework assignment: Read up and prepare your comments for one James Timothy McCarver. I make fun, you provide the funny.