So we’ve had some requests to take Joe Buck to task more often (even had someone tell us he was their favorite announcer?!?!). Well rather than “out” the commenter here (and throw him to the wolves) we’ll just show you a few of Buck’s gems from last night (and he can defend himself, if he so chooses, in the comments).

But before that… favorite comment was from a kid in the stands. For some reason FOX is borrowing from the MNF Book of “What can we do that is the most distracting thing possible and nowhere near relevant to the game”. They have a Taco Bell promotion where if a player hits the ball into the stands that inning the entire country wins a free taco. Well FOX sent Chris Meyers out to interview people and when he asked a kid about the promotion the kid responded…..

“I’m just out here to watch the game, but I guess a Taco would be nice.”- Kid, Booyah! In your face FOX! Please just let us watch the damn game in peace.

Onto Buckalicious…..

“Casey down the right field line…..annnnnnd. Foul.” Not a bad call or a mistake….it was just said with the inflection of the most monotone person you’ve ever come across. It makes it seem like Buck is rooting for the Cards but he’d never do that right? Right???

“Casey bounced out to second his last at bat……Up to 44.” Umm what? 44 what? Tell me something here Bucky. It was actually Carpenter’s pitch count, which I looked up on

“Foul Ball down the right field line is foul.” Yeah. Okay.

And the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard him say (besides Mooning Gate), and the most emails I’ve ever received on one subject. With the Cards batting in the Bottom of the Eighth….

“The Tigers will have their big bats coming up in the 9th. Neifi
Perez….and then, Granderson, Monroe, Polanco, and Ordonez…”

Nevermind the fact that they would have to load the bases to get their “Power Hitter” Ordonez. Neifi Perez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wha?!?!?!?! Cubs fans everywhere just lost it. Best part of the whole thing was that Leyland pinch hit for the Powerful Neifi in the ninth with Omar Infante. Too funny.

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