Mentioned this briefly yesterday, but with time winding down in Michigan’s loss to USC Brent Musburger asked a question to bloggers….(I’m paraphrasing here)

“Well guys it looks like the blogs in Michigan will be in full force asking for the dismissal of Lloyd Carr. The fact that you go 10-1 in the regular season….it blows my mind that you would fire that coach.”- Musburger

“I wouldn’t be worried about the blogs….I’d be worried about losing the last two games of the season”- Bob Davies

Bob Davies is the voice of reason? Funny thing was that I laughed when I heard it at first, but on second thought it came off kind of condescending. Oh well, it’s still funny that Brent Musburger reads blogs.

And Brent….since you asked. I hate Lloyd Carr as a coach. Normally the coach makes the players look good. See Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, and now even Boise State. But with Lloyd it’s the other way. The players make him look good. I mean seriously….Michigan has 4 offensive plays. They are the most predictable team ever. I think until a change happens the Wolverines will keep losing on New Years Day. Carr is the Schottenheimer of the college ranks.

And with that I give you USC Cheerleaders! (Sort of SFW)

Update: Just to be completely accurate the SC Song Girl did not go commando. DAMN YOU HD TELEVISION!!! She just had a giant wedgie. I can’t speak for you, but I’m just going to pretend it was what we originally thought, and keep hounding the internet for a front view. No, I am not in denial.

You can see just the faintest bit of white confirming the “Non-Commando” Picture borrowed from The M Zone. She’s a damn tease. For the real Commando….see below.