Live-Blog starts tonight and two other live-blogs have been planned for the week as well. Tomorrow the Sugar Bowl will be done by Chris at Run Up The Score and our friend C. from Signal to Noise is doing the Chiefs/Indy game this Saturday. His quote, “I have no particular qualifications outside of having a vicious hate directed at both teams as a Bronco fan, and I figure this will be half the fun.” Oh it will!

See you tonight for the Orange Bowl….unless someone really wants to take it off my hands….just kidding.

Update: Forgot to mention that I will be switching back and forth over to Iverson’s slaughtering of the Sixers at 9pm as well.

The FedEx Orange Bowl
Miami, FL- Dolphin Stadium

Wake Forest (11-2) v. Louisville (11-1)

Weather: Light Rain 74 Degrees

Announcers: Matt Vasgersian, Terry Donahue, Pat Haden, and Side-line reporter Laura Okmin (I like this group of folks…..let’s see how it plays out)

Past Results (Too many to list…..Bowl Started in 1935): Here’s a list of MVPs because you don’t care about the past results.

2005 Willie Reid, Florida State, WR
2005 Matt Leinart, Southern California, QB
2004 Jarrett Payton, Miami (Fla.), RB
2003 Carson Palmer, USC, QB
2002 Taylor Jacobs, Florida, WR
2001 Torrance Marshall, Oklahoma, LB
2000 David Terrell, Michigan, WR
1999 Travis Taylor, Florida, WR
1998 Ahman Green, Nebraska, RB
1997 Damon Benning, Nebraska, RB
Ken Oxendine, Virginia Tech, RB
1996 Andre Cooper, Florida St., WR
Derrick Mayes, Notre Dame, WR
1995 Tommie Frazier, Nebraska, QB
Chris T. Jones, Miami (Fla.), CB
1994 Tommie Frazier, Nebraska, QB
Charlie Ward, Florida St., QB
1993 Charlie Ward, Florida St., QB
Corey Dixon, Nebraska, se
1992 Larry Jones, Miami (Fla.), RB
Tyrone Leggett, Nebraska, CB
1991 Charles Johnson, Colorado, QB
Chris Zorich, Notre Dame, NG
1990 Raghib Ismail, Notre Dame, TB/WR
Darian Hagan, Colorado, QB
1989 Steve Walsh, Miami (Fla.), QB
Charles Fryar, Nebraska, CB
1988 Bernard Clark, Miami (Fla.), LB
Darrell Reed, Oklahoma, DE
1987 Dante Jones, Oklahoma, LB
Spencer Tillman, Oklahoma, HB
1986 Sonny Brown, Oklahoma, DB
Tim Lashar, Oklahoma, K
1985 Jacque Robinson, Washington, TB
Ron Holmes, Washington, DT
1984 Bernie Kosar, Miami (Fla.), QB
Jack Fernandez, Miami (Fla.), LB
1983 Turner Gil, Nebraska, QB
Dave Rimington, Nebraska, C
1982 Homer Jordan, Clemson, QB
Jeff Davis, Clemson, LB
1981 JC Watts, Oklahoma, QB
Jarvis Coursey, Florida St., DE
1980 JC Watts, Oklahoma, QB
Bud Hebert, Oklahoma, FS
1979 Billy Sims, Oklahoma, RB
Reggie Kinlaw, Oklahoma, NG
1978 Roland Sales, Arkansas, RB
Reggie Freeman, Arkansas, NG
1977 Rod Gerald, Ohio St., QB
Tom Cousineau, Ohio St., LB
1976 Steve Davis, Oklahoma, QB
Lee Roy Selmon, Oklahoma, DT
1975 Wayne Bullock, Notre Dame, FB
Leroy Cook, Alabama, DE
1974 Tom Shuman, Penn St., QB
Randy Crowder, Penn St., DT
1973 Johnny Rodgers, Nebraska, WB
Rich Glover, Nebraska, DG
1972 Jerry Tagge, Nebraska, QB
Rich Glover, Nebraska, DG
1971 Jerry Tagge, Nebraska, QB
Willie Harper, Nebraska, DE
1970 Chuck Burkhart, Penn St., QB
Mike Reid, Penn St., DT
1969 Donnie Shanklin, Kansas, HB
1968 Bob Warmack, Oklahoma, QB
1967 Larry Smith, Florida, TB
1966 Steve Sloan, Alabama, QB
1965 Joe Namath, Alabama, QB
Player(s) to Watch: Freshman QB #11- Riley Skinner
Wake’s offense is nothing to write home about, but Skinner is the bright spot. Only a freshman, Riley has a very “Rex Grossman” quality of not “losing games” about him. He’s only thrown over 200 Yards twice, but game management is his strong suit.
Louisville’s WRs #85 and #7- Harry Douglas and Mario Urrutia
Brian Brohm throws the ball everywhere, but sans-Calvin Johnson and Dwayne Jarrett, no two other receivers fit in an offense better. They have two combo 100 yard games against Pitt and WVU. Look for more of that tonight.

Deciding Factor(s): Another one I don’t really have an answer for. Could go one of two ways…..either Wake’s defense puts some pressure on Brohm and stays in it, or Wake is playing catch-up after Brohm has shredded them. Either way I think Wake can stay in it with their defense.

Spread: Louisville -10, O/U 52.5

AA’s Pick and Analysis: Well after getting two in a row right I’m back in the groove of things. This bowl season has taught me one lesson…….when in doubt……take the points.

Prediction Louisville 35-28