So I’m actually going to be doing “The Man’s” Work today. For your viewing and reading pleasure I have provided you with this homework assignment:

First assignment…..Compare and Contrast these two videos. Very similar eh?

Video #1

Video #2

Second assignment……Read these fabulous articles that will make you pee yourself:

The Mighty MJD has an IM conversation on the draft. I do not agree with him on Jay Bilas, but click the links. (Not while you are work though!)

Eddie Griffin was caught in a “not so flattering” situation. I actually saw a car parked in St.Louis once with porn playing, but never while moving. (FYI-Don’t yell “Hell Yeah” to anyone in St.Louis….they DO NOT take it as a compliment.)

Off The Baggie shows us what there is to do in the fabulous 39th State of our Union.

The Roscoe Report rounds things out with a beautiful poem from our new friend Andrea. We can only hope he is as good at writing poetry as one Jonathan Clay Redick.

Please review everything above and leave answers in the comment section. THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE GRADED!

Have a great 4th. I might be up for some MLB live-blogging, so if you’re around stop by.