Okay enough of that sentimental babble. For those of you who think that I’m a “horrible writer and should stick to making fun of people” (real quote)……we’re back to what you love (that was quick right?).

It’s college basketball time and who is at the top of our List?……Dick Vitale (actually Billy “Fudge” Packer is at the tippy top, but who’s counting?)

Already quoted by Dick Vitale this year……

“I can’t wait to get to Cameron Baby and see the new Crazies!!!”

And felate Coach K, and felate Christian Laettner, Chris Collins, Steve Wojo, JJ Reddick, Greg Paulus, or whichever white player is starting on the team…..oh that’s right it’s Jon Scheyer this year (thank god Paulus is hurt)!

Seriously though, Dick Vitale is an ambassador for the game of basketball and does wonderful work with the Jimmy V Foundation……but something has to be said for Broadcasting Integrity right? Come on Dickie….who did you pick this year? Come on…not a team from North Carolina. Big Money….Biiiiiig Money…..and STOP!

Goddamn it….he picked UNC. So much for that.

Dickie V’s Sensational Sixteen (Dickie V)

(Also….the fact that Joe Lunardi picks a bracket before the season even starts boils our blood a little bit as well. Bracketology.)

Do you know what we do when we get upset at good ole’ Dick….we watch this video of ex-Iowa State coach Johnny Orr giving Vitale the business as the coach of our Alma Mater Lefty looks on.