So I’m back from Ohio. Saw Paul Brown Stadium, Great American Ballpark, Ohio Stadium, ate too much food, met cool people, and had this exchange:

You’re not a Bengals Fan? Who are you a fan of?
No, I’m a Redsk……….
WHO DEY!?!?!?!?!

For those of you that hate the state (everyone on Deadspin) here is a picture of the bridge from Kentucky to Cincinnati being blown up. For those of you who love O-HI-O….then this is a picture of fireworks lighting up the night’s sky of your beautiful state. I’ll let you chose.

Anyways, I’m catching back up today and tomorrow, and I’m gearing up for a Live-Blog opening night this Thursday. In the meantime here’s your links sponsored by Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t no other Man”:

Ain’t no other link that can stand, up next to you
Ain’t no other link On the planet, does what you do (what you do)
You’re the kinda link a girl finds, in a blue moon (hey)
You got soul (yeah), you got class (ooh)
You got style, you’re badass (oh yeah)
Ain’t no other link it’s true (alright)
Ain’t no other link but you.

Life On a Bench has some inside info on Chipper you might like to know about.

Thunder Matt’s has the All NL Shortstops up. I implore you to vote for the best baseball card like I do.

Mondesi’s House has a collection of Steeler Videos that begin by making fun of the Bengals. (I think this is appropriate only because I was in Cincinnati over the weekend.

Good Day Sirs! I SAID GOOD DAY!