The Seattle Announcing team of Kevin Calabro and Craig Ehlo (yes, that Craig Ehlo).

These two are a blast to listen to while watching Sonics games on the League Pass (via FSN). Calabro is solid and has some pretty awesome catchphrases….i.e. “Get up on the Downstroke”. And Craig Ehlo….well Craig had me rolling on the ground at one point.

The Highlights from the Phi/Sea game……

“And Iverson….with the million dollar move and five dollar finish”- KC

Coming back from commercial playing Public Enemy’s Don’t Believe the Hype, “And Iverson with three days rest is getting his swerrrrrve on.”- KC

[This was only funny because he was mocking the intro music. Or at least that’s how I took it (and that’s all that matters really)]

and the Craig Ehlo line……

“There was a great screen there”- KC
“Oooh and it looks like it upset Willie Green’s entire family tree”- CE

Green was originally drafted by the Sonics and had a ton of his family in the lower level. He was blasted on a screen by Nick Collison and the area behind the Sixers bench went balistic. It was a clean screen and a funny as hell comment from Ehlo.