Welcome Deadspin Viewers! Here’s how it’s going down. My job is to throw out the Announcing gems and your job is to pick them apart, and add some of your own. What’s better than making fun of people for an entire night? I will post my final Mock in a little while, and we’ll get this underway early to get all the pregame commentary out of the way. Tomorrow I will rate both the commentators and the draft picks, and your comments will fuel the article. (With links to everyone’s sites of course)

As always we DO condone drinking and commenting here at AA, so join in the fun….post early and post often!!!!!!!!!!

***UPDATE***- First trade of the night goes down! Boston trades away the 7th pick for Sebastian Telfair and players to be named. Not sure what the Blazers are thinking, but they have a chance to pick two studs early.

***UPDATE***- Just called Chad Ford and here is the latest rumor, “The hot rumor floating among GMs this morning was that the Bulls and Timberwolves might pull off a blockbuster Kevin Garnett deal, sending picks No. 2 (Tyrus Thomas) and No. 16 (probably Marcus Williams) along with either Luol Deng or Ben Gordon to Minnesota for Garnett.”

Final Mock: Check it out….tear it apart. I think the Portland Boston Trade made things a little easier, but it will all go to hell in about 4o minutes. This is going to be fun.

1st Round:

Toronto- Andrea Bargnani- SF (Italy)
Chicago- LaMarcus Aldrige- PF (Texas)
Charlotte- Adam Morrison- SF (Gonzaga)
Portland- Brandon Roy- SG (Washington)
Atlanta- Shelden Williams- PF/C (Duke)
Minnesota- Tyrus Thomas- PF (Louisiana State)
Portland- Rudy Gay- SF (UConn)
Houston- Randy Foye- PG (Villanova)
Golden State- Rodney Carney- SF (Memphis)
Seattle- Patrick O’Bryant- C (Bradley)
Orlando- Ronnie Brewer- SG (Alabama)
New Orleans- Cedric Simmons (NC State)
Phildadelphia- Marcus Williams- PG (UConn)
Utah- JJ Redick- SG (Duke)
New Orleans- Saer Sene- C (Senegal)
Chicago- Thabo Sefolosha- SG/SF (Switzerland)
Indiana- Rajon Rondo- PG (Kentucky)
Washington- Kyle Lowry- PG (Villanova)
Sacramento- Shannon Brown- SG (Michigan State)
New York- Hilton Armstrong- C (UConn)
Phoenix- Sergio Rodriquez- PG (Spain)
New Jersey- Jordan Farmar- PG (UCLA)
New Jersey- Quincy Douby PG/SG (Rutgers)
Memphis- Mardy Collins- PG/SG (Temple)
Cleveland- Oleksiy Pecherov- F (Ukraine)
LA Lakers- Maurice Ager- SG (Michigan State)
Phoenix- Guillermo Diaz- SG (Miami
Dallas- Kevin Pittsnogle- PF (West Virginia)
New York- Shawne Williams- SF (Memphis)
Portland- Joel Freeland- PF (England)