Cliffs Notes for November 26th, 2015

Welcome to Cliffs Notes, our new daily feature at The Comeback that is your cheat sheet for what you need to know in the world of sports and beyond…. The Lead – Can’t We All Just Get Along? Don’t these guys know it’s a holiday when we’re supposed to set aside our differences?  The Kings […]

TNT Shakes Things Up

Not sure the reasoning behind this, but Charles Barkley will call this Thursday Night’s Lakers/Kings game with Marv Albert. Ernie and Kenny will start off the night with the pregame, which will lead into the Pistons/Hornets game at 815. Barkley and Albert will be on at 1030. The best part might not even be Charles […]

The Orange Bowl Live Blog

I can only hope this is half as exciting as last night’s game. Let’s do a 6 OT game! Should be starting right at 8, so see you then. Oh and here was the last relevant Bowl Game that Wake Forest was in…….and I’m not making a joke here. 7:54- I’m not trying to be […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Game #?????- The Orange Bowl Preview and Live-Blog

Live-Blog starts tonight and two other live-blogs have been planned for the week as well. Tomorrow the Sugar Bowl will be done by Chris at Run Up The Score and our friend C. from Signal to Noise is doing the Chiefs/Indy game this Saturday. His quote, “I have no particular qualifications outside of having a […]

Everyone Still Likes Lists Right?

The Top Ten World Series of Poker All-ins, The Best Damn Sports Show Period Top 50 Jock Bulges, The ESPN SportsCenter Top 100 Moments in North Dakota Sports History, The Top 500 Best……well you get the idea. Here’s one I thought you’d enjoy though. The Top Rated Sports Broadcasts of 2006 from Sports Business Daily: […]

AA’s State of the Union Address

I need a moment to clear a couple of things up, so bear with me. 1. The Bowl Prediction Contest- It’s going great….I couldn’t be happier with the participation. Buuuuut….I’m slacking on the standings. Give me another day to filter through two email accounts and the comments to get the standings up. Sorry, but cheerleaders’ […]

Brent Musburger Calls Out Blogs and USC Girls Go Commando

Mentioned this briefly yesterday, but with time winding down in Michigan’s loss to USC Brent Musburger asked a question to bloggers….(I’m paraphrasing here) “Well guys it looks like the blogs in Michigan will be in full force asking for the dismissal of Lloyd Carr. The fact that you go 10-1 in the regular season….it blows […]

Holy Crap!

Just preparing you for the game that people will be talking about for quite some time. But it was the most amazing game I’ve seen…..well probably ever. And I’m not kidding. Boise State stuns the Nation and defies the odds to take out Oklahoma. I can’t even describe the end of the thing because it […]

Bowl Prediction Contest- New Years Day

I was unaware that Bowl games start at the crack of dawn on National Hangover Day. I don’t have much time to post today, but here are my picks…. Auburn -2Tennessee -4Arkansas -2WVU -8Michigan PICKBoise State +7.5 Enjoy the great day of football (and Holly Rowe’s Fidel Castro Hat). Have a great New Years Day, […]

Bryant Gumbel Needs Pepto

Nausea, Heartburn, Upset Stomach, Indigestion, Diarrhea Making the rounds this morning is a hilarious audio clip of Bryant Gumbel (allegedly) burping on air twice. From Mister Irrelevant Update: With 6 minutes left in the fourth the following exchange occurred Gumbel: Let me just make note that we do not have indigestion up here. Wehad a […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Game #20- The MPC Computers Bowl

The MPC Computers BowlBoise, Idaho- Bronco Stadium Nevada (8-4) v. Miami (6-6) Weather: Cloudy 35 Degrees, 10% Chance of RainPast Results (9): Dec. 28, 2005Boston College 27, Boise State 21Dec. 27, 2004Fresno State 37, Virginia 34 (OT)Jan. 3, 2004Georgia Tech 52, Tulsa 10Dec. 31, 2002Boise State 34, Iowa State 16Dec. 31, 2001Clemson 49, Louisiana Tech […]

BC/Navy Announcing Open Thread

The dynamic duo of Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried is on the case. But don’t forget about stellar sideline reporter Jimmy Dykes…. While talking to a Navy player who was diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of the season…….”Congratulations on your courage. And your story.” He’s not the cowardly lion Jimmy. And are you congratulating […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Games 18 & 19- The Alamo and Peach Bowls

The Non-Sponsored Alamo BowlSan Antonio, TX- Alamo Dome Iowa (6-6) v. Texas (9-3) Weather: Cloudy 60 Degrees, 20% Chance of RainPast Results (13): Dec. 28, 2005 Nebraska 32, Michigan 28 Dec. 29, 2004 Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7 Dec. 29, 2003 Nebraska 17, Michigan State 3 Dec. 28, 2002 Wisconsin 31, Colorado 28 Dec. […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 17- The Meineke Car Care Bowl

My numbering is off somehow, so we’re skipping ahead to game 17…….. The Meineke Car Care BowlCharlotte, NC- Bank of America Stadium Navy (9-3) v. Boston College (9-3) Weather: Mostly Cloudy 60 Degrees, 30% Chance of RainPast Results (Quatro): Dec. 31, 2005 N.C. State 14, South Florida 0 Dec. 30, 2004 Boston College 37, North […]